May 24, 2022

PUBG Playtime restrictions-6 hour per day in India

After so many incident in India, the Tencent Games has imposed a restriction on playtime in the country. Players will be shown two warnings after 2 and 4 hours respectively before it reached the 6 hours playtime.

After so many complaint from India, that the students are not focusing on their studies. Recently rajkot, Gujarat and VIT(Vellore institute of technology) banned the game. Due to the concern students are so busy in playing the game, that they are not focusing on their studies, which results low grades in heir academy. Similar restrictions have been decided upon in other metros also in an effort to keep gaming addiction in check.

The game has also been banned for all the players under the age of 13.

The announcement was made official and the Health Restrictions is working all over India. If anyone exceeds the 6 hours playtime, the players will not be able to login to the game.

Vedant Singh

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