Before Installing Kannel you will need to configure the following packages!

First Install Development tools using the following commands:-

          All this command should be executed as a super user.

# yum update
# yum groupinstall “Development tools” -y 

     On a Red Hat Linux (RHEL) system, you need to install the following

    packages, in order:


 Command to install all these packages:-

# sudo yum install openjade jadetex docbook-style-dsssl \               texlive-dvips transfig ImageMagick 

You Will also need libxml packages on your system. Inorder to install these package just follow the command as follows.

# yum install libxml2-devel

 Now that all the necessary packages have been installed on our system. So lets proceed on installing the gateway.

 Download the kannel-sms-gateway from the below link:-

After downloading the kannel sms gateway from the link above. Extract the gateway in the following directory /usr/local/src

After extracting the gateway open your terminal as super user and execute the following commands:-

# cd /usr/local/src   //this command will let you enter on src directory                                      where is the gateway.

    It will look something like this:-

    [root@localhost /]# cd /usr/local/src

    [root@localhost src]#

    After that enter (ls) for listing the file.

      //it will look like this

      [root@localhost src]# ls


[root@localhost src]#

After that go to kannel-1.4svn directory by typing the command:-

[root@localhost src]# cd kannel-1.4svn/

[root@localhost kannel-1.4svn]#

Be in this Directory and execute the following command:-

[root@localhost kannel-1.4svn]# ./configure--with-mysql   //--with-mysql is      used for configuring kannel with mysql database

[root@localhost kannel-1.4svn]# make

         [After make command if you get Latex error like:

           File ‘ulem.sty’ not found ]

          To fix this error type the following command:-

               yum install ‘tex(ulem.sty)’

               yum install ‘tex(mlnames.sty)’

[root@localhost kannel-1.4svn]# make install

//Congrats your kannel has been installed in the following directory (/usr/local/sbin)

           Now make a directory on /etc


             #cd /etc

             #mkdir kannel

          Then Go to kannel directory

               # cd /etc/kannel

              Then create a kannel.conf file 

Download the kannel.conf file from the link below:-

In the kannel.conf file edit the smscid,host,port,smsc-username and smsc-password as provided by your smpp.

To start the kannel run the following command as follows:-

# /usr/local/sbin/bearerbox -v 0 /etc/kannel/kannel.conf
# /usr/local/sbin/smsbox -v 0 /etc/kannel/kannel.conf

To check if the kannel is running or not type the following command on your browser:-

To check if the message is going through the kannel, hit the following URL in your browser.


smsc=your name defined in kannel.conf

                       Congrats you setup your kannel-sms-gateway

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