October 14, 2019

Things to do after installing centos 7

The following things can be done after installing centos 7 on your dedicated or vps server:

  1. Update and upgrade centos

[[email protected]]# yum upgrade

This command will inform you about the packages that can be updated or upgraded.

[[email protected]]# yum install update

To install the update just run the command:

2. Install command-line web browser

[[email protected]]# yum install links

This is because most of the server has no GUI. Therefore in order to check the website, through terminal.

3. Install wget & 7-Zip

wget is a command line tool that retrives or download the content from the web servers. 7-Zip is used to compress and extract the files of zip format.

[[email protected]]# yum install wget

[[email protected]]# yum install p7zip

4. Install Development Tools

Development tools is install, if you have planned to build software. Development tools basically consists of tools like GCC, g++, make, autoconf, libtool, bison, flex, rpmbuild etc packages.

To find out the packages list that will be development tools group.

[[email protected]]# yum groupinfo “Development Tools”

To install the development tools run the following command:

[[email protected]]# yum update

[[email protected]]# yum groupinstall “Development Tools”

After install the development tools you can check the important binaries.

[[email protected]]# gcc –version

[[email protected]]# make –version

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